I have taught the following undergraduate courses:

Language and Linguistics (UC Berkeley LING 5): An introductory survey of the field of linguistics across all main subfields: phonetics, phonology, lexical semantics, morphology, syntax, formal semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics

My syllabus for this course, when I taught it as acting instructor in summer 2014.

Mind and Language (UC Berkeley LING 105/COGSCI 101): Conceptual systems and language from the perspective of cognitive science. How language gives insight into conceptual structure, reasoning, category-formation, metaphorical understanding, and the framing of experience. Implications from and for philosophy, anthropology, literature, artificial intelligence, and politics.

My syllabus for this course, when I taught it as acting instructor in summer 2016.

Metaphor (UC Berkeley LING 106): The role of metaphor in structuring our everyday language, conceptual system, and world view. Topics include cross-cultural differences, literary metaphor, sound symbolism, and related theoretical issues in philosophy, linguistics, psychology and anthropology.

My syllabus for this course, when I taught it as Graduate Student Instructor in fall 2012.

Elementary Japanese (UC Berkeley J1A): The first Japanese language level. First 115 kanji characters, hiragana, katakana, basic grammar and vocabulary, greetings and everyday conversation, culture and customs.

More information about the Japanese language program at UC Berkeley can be found here.

I have also designed several courses which I hope to teach in the future:


Researching Metaphor



I have participated in the Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum (LRAP) at UC Berkeley for 2 years.

Currently, I am supervising teams of 8-10 Research Assistance as part of the Cancer Metaphor Research Group at UC Merced. Email me at odavid at ucmerced.edu if you are a UC Merced student interested in joining the group in fall 2017.