I have collaborated with several researchers, including Elise Stickles, Ellen Dodge, George Lakoff, and Eve Sweetser.

I am currently working with Teenie Matlock and Dalia Magaña of UC Merced.

I have worked on the study of cut/break semantics with Eve Sweetser, Seiko Fujii, and Myriam Bouveret.

Current Projects

Cancer Metaphor Group

I am currently leading a group of undergraduate research assistants (from UC Merced and a few from UC Berkeley) as part of the Cancer Metaphor Working Group, located within the Interactive Cognition Lab at UC Merced. We are building a database of annotated blog entries in which metaphors for cancer (battle with cancer, my cancer journey) are prevalent. This database will be publicly searchable within the next year. Check this section in 2017-2018 for a link to the database.


I am still active in the MetaNet Metaphor Repository and Automated Metaphor Identification project. Several publications from this project are available in my publications tab, and the project is described in my research tab.

Our MetaNet special issue, edited by Miriam Petruck of ICSI, is now out and articles can be downloaded at the C&F site.

Darkness Workgroup

I have joined a group of anthropologists, linguists, cognitive scientists, and scholars in the humanities to investigate the phenomenon of darkness – how people subjectively experience and culturally interpret it. Professor Holley Moyes, who leads the group, gave this great TEDx talk on the subject. We will have a workgroup website soon!



UC Berkeley Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Together with Elise Stickles, I co-founded the CogNetwork talk series at UC Berkeley. CogNetwork is currently active, and being organized by Ozge Ugurlu. Please contact her at ozge.ugurlu at if you wish to arrange to speak at CogNetwork, or be added to the mailing list for talk announcements.